We Fry with Fresh "No Cholesterol" Vegetable Oil Every Day

Our early morning begins by discarding all oils from the fryers, thoroughly washing the appliances and refilling with clean pure vegetable oil even though most establishments filter their oil, it is our belief that filtering can never remove the burned odor from of the product.
Something about our Hot Dogs and Hamburgers...

The specifications of Johnny and Hange's hot dog are unlike any others. They are prepared with only the highest quality beef and pork blend. We have also recently introduced by popular demand an all beef quarter pound hot dog, affectionately known as the BIG DOG. Our BIG DOG can be served with the same toppings as our original dogs, or may we suggest Italian style, which includes potatoes and peppers. The present owner started in the food business back in 1970, operating a gourmet deli and prime meat store. With his butcher's background you can be assured that only the best cuts of beef go into our fresh made chopped beef & burgers. All butchering is done on the premises.
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